Who We Are

Cynthia Bakker, MSLP, S-LP (C) , Registered SK

Cynthia Bakker - Speech Language Pathologist

I am a mother of two wonderful boys and they remind me every day of the power of parents to teach, mentor and support their children in their lives. This has been my guiding principle for over 16 years of my career as a Speech Language Pathologist.   I have worked with children in many different capacities for over 25 years and continue to love spending every day helping families teach their children.  Though I almost found my profession by accident, I have never regretted a minute; and  I show up for work every day still as motivated and excited as I was at the beginning of my career.  I have worked in three provinces and in a multitude of settings, both public and private, and continue to grow and learn new methods and skills each year.  I have spent a good portion of my career working in the early childhood field with infants, toddlers and preschoolers, but also have a love for language assessment with school age children.

I attended the University of Ottawa with the plan of becoming a translator and took French, Spanish and German. I began taking Linguistics courses to support my entrance into translation school and immediately fell in love with the study of language. This led me to the field of speech language pathology and I have never looked back. I completed a degree in psychology and linguistics and then took some time off to serve with the Royal Canadian Navy. I re-entered school and  completed my Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology at the University of Alberta.

I have a strong clinical background in many areas of my field and am a true neuro -science geek.  I love to continually learn new techniques and information about the brain and apply it every day in my practice.  I have experience and interest in many areas of my field including:  autism, early language development, speech sound disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, stuttering, and school age language.  I truly believe every family has the power to help their child communicate and look forward every day to guiding parents in making this happen!

Nichole Forbes, MSLP, S-LP (C), Registered SK

Nichole Forbes - Speech Language PathologistPrior to University I had no previous knowledge of what a speech and language pathologist’s role or job entailed. I stumbled upon our field as an option when I knew I wanted to work with children; and am forever grateful someone mentioned “speech therapy” as a potential university degree. Since earning my Masters degree, I have continued to strive to provide the best speech and language therapy for my clients and their families. I have a passion for working with children and helping families find functional strategies that work within their daily routines. Having two children of my own, communicative success and independence within the home and a child’s community is very relevant and important to me. It’s my practice and ultimate goal as a speech language pathologist to provide that freedom and independence to my families and clients as well; and I love how different that looks for each individual!

I completed my bachelors degree with a minor is psychology, and a concentration in Deaf Education, at Minot State University.  It was during the summers when I worked at the Autism resource Centre, that I fell in love with working with individuals with Autism.  I decided to seek out grad schools who actively researched therapy techniques for children with Autism.  This led me to the University of Texas at El Paso where I focused my graduate studies on working with children with developmental needs, AAC communication, and Autism.

I am driven, motivated and eager to learn new strategies that can best assist my families. I have a passion for coaching parents and caregivers, running parent education groups, and working with a wide range of children. I have a diverse background and experience in; autism, early language development, apraxia of speech, parent coaching, speech sound disorders, school age language, literacy, and a variety of disorders and delays. It’s an honour to work with the families I previously have worked with and I genuinely feel blessed to work with new families.